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Additional opportunities


Music (Robins, Skylarks and Oak)

Plato said that ‘Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind and flight to the imagination and life to everything’. We believe it is important for children to experience a rich musical experience right from the very start of their education. All of the children participate in regular musical activities both during their normal day and during specialist teaching sessions. In addition, they also have opportunities to sing with others and perform during productions and concerts.

Physical Education (Robins, Skylarks and Oak)

Physical development is one of the prime areas of learning and all of the children have opportunities to develop their physical skills both inside and out. In addition from Robins the children receive regular sessions led by the main school’s games staff. These are fun sessions designed to develop every child’s physical skills through a range of games and activities.

Swimming (Skylarks and Oak)

As part of Hazelwood School we are fortunate to have access to their facilities in addition to our own. This enables us to offer swimming to the children in Skylarks and Oak. These sessions are taught in small groups by qualified staff and enable the children to gain water confidence at an early age.

French (Oak)

In Oak we introduce French to our curriculum and encourage the children to develop an ear for the language with a range of games and activities.

After School Clubs (Oak)

In Oak we offer a range of clubs and activities to greater enhance the children’s learning. These clubs are regularly reviewed and updated to meet the needs and interests of each cohort. Previously run clubs include, Street Dance, Construction, Arts & Crafts, Gardening, Science, Ballet and Tap.

All specialist teaching is fully integrated into the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

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