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One of the family

We are part of the Hazelwood School Family. Together we offer a unique opportunity for continuous care and excellence in education for children from 6 months to 13 years. The benefits are clear. Your child will benefit from a consistent approach to learning, make true and lasting friendships and form trusting bonds with staff who really understand each individual’s learning needs. The end result, at Year 8, is a young person who is mature and confident, self assured and prepared to take on most challenges. Our students head off to the Senior School of their choice having assumed positions of responsibility within Hazelwood, and eager for more!

Whilst we are situated on two sites – only a five minute drive apart with a free shuttle mini bus facilitating sibling drop-offs and pick-ups for the older children – the two schools dovetail together, following the same ethos for nurturing individual talents, realising individual potential and celebrating achievement inside and outside the classroom. 
Many of our children have siblings at Hazelwood, so the links are further strengthened through family ties. Our Oak children swim each week in the swimming pool on the Hazelwood site.  The children attend each others' drama and musical performances as much as our busy timetable will allow.
It all adds up to a community of children, staff and parents which gives Hazelwood School the feeling of an extended family – all working together, supporting each other, taking pride in all its members.
To find out more about Hazelwood School contact Kate Whitehead, Director of Marketing, Communications and Admissions on 01883 733841 or Matt Weeks, Nursery Manager on 01883 714171.

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