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Our Uniform

We have a compulsory uniform for Skylarks, and optional for children in our Robins' classes.  The uniform consists of a branded blue tracksuit top and jogging bottoms and a polo shirt, available in two colours, pale blue or pink. The uniform can be ordered from www.schoolblazer.com  The items will come with labels already sewn inside each garment.  However we do ask that you sew large name labels on the outside of the sports kit and tracksuit (top and bottom) so that we can more easily identify lost or mislaid items of clothing.  Details of where to get these large labels from is included in the Uniform booklet below.
During the winter a warm coat, hat and gloves are essential as we use our outdoor area all the year round. Oak children also require the school storm-proof coat.  During the summer the children will need a sun hat. They will also need an apron for painting and other messy activities and wellington boots for walks and outdoor activities in the garden.
In Oak, school uniform is worn which can be bought from www.schoolblazer.com  Some items may also be available from the Hazelwood School Shop which offers a limited range of nearly new garments.  The Hazelwood School Shop is situated on the main school site near the chapel courtyard.  

The Hazelwood School Shop standard opening times:
  • every Monday during term time 8.00am - 9.15am
  • every Wednesday during term time 8.00am - 9.15am

A uniform list is available by following the link below.
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