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Our Directors

Dear Parent
The Board of Directors is a small, dynamic team of individuals selected for their skills and experience in both child care and general business. We are working tirelessly on behalf of The Nursery and Early Years' children and families to provide the best possible childcare facilities now and into the future. Everything we do is driven by the desire to see happy and secure children.
Part of our role is to balance the demand for places with the need to provide the best quality of care and staffing in the area. This is not always an easy job and sometimes means we have to explain that parents will have to be patient and put their children on our waiting lists. As Directors we make, and stand by, these decisions in the interests of all the children.
We are also looking constantly to the future and how the facility can develop over the next three to five years. We are delighted with the progress we have made since opening but recognise that child development, and education, is an ever changing and evolving process. We want all of Hazelwood School to be up with change, indeed to be ahead of it, leading the process. We have great plans for the site in Oxted and, in close collaboration with staff, and ultimately parents, we prioritise how and where we spend our money so that we gain maximum benefit and effect.

When we established The Nursery and Early Years in 2009 one of our ambitions was to serve the community of Oxted well. We set our opening times and dates to be as flexible as possible, to help parents (and grandparents) with the increasing demands of balancing childcare with the need to work. We sought your advice in developing our service and this is something as a Board of Directors, we actively want to see continue. We welcome ideas from our parents and we openly encourage you to become part of our community and to shape our thinking. Every parent who joins the Hazelwood family is invited to become part of the HPA (Hazelwood Parents’ Association). It is a growing organisation and one which we hope will continue to flourish with your support.
An important part of our role is the fostering, amongst our parents, children, and their families, friendships for life.
Please feel free to contact any member of your Board of Directors through the office. We will ensure that we respond to your enquiry as quickly as we possibly can and welcome questions and suggestions of any kind.
We look forward to hearing from you and to working with you.
Lindie Louw
Chairman of Board of Directors, The Nursery and Early Years
Head of Hazelwood
The Board of Directors
Mrs Lindie Louw Head of Hazelwood and Hazelwood Nursery & Early Years, Chairperson of Hazelwood Nursery & Early Years Board
Mrs Julie Coates HR specialist and past parent of Hazelwood School, Staff Director (Nursery & Early Years) and Liaison Director with Hazelwood main Board
Mrs Lucy Bunyan  Early Years specialist and Head of Pre-Prep at Greenfields School, Woking
Mr Alex Campbell Legal specialist and current parent of the Nursery & Early Years
Mr Nick Tappin Bursar and Secretary to the Hazelwood Board of Governors

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